Marketplace Invasion: “Operating in the supernatural power of God invading the marketplace”

Marketplace Invasion: “Operating in the supernatural power of God invading the marketplace”

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There is a mighty move of God sweeping the earth in this hour; it is touching the lives of millions of men and women worldwide. It is building in strength and momentum across all ethnic and financial demographics.

The greatest challenge with this move of God is that, unfortunately, it remains a mystery to many leaders and saints in the body of Christ. Many are still unaware of this move of God because it is not evident by simply looking at the altars of our sanctuaries. Instead, this move of God flows powerfully through the workplace, business houses and marketplace settings in our cities.

Biblically the marketplace has always been the primary arena for the declaration of the gospel and the manifestation of the supernatural power of God. The message in this book is attempting to champion the restoration of the work of the ministry back into the hands of the saints. (Ephesians 4:11)

In this book, you will be inspired to look again at the great commission through the eyes of the first-century church, which was dominantly made up of believers who took the gospel of the kingdom into the marketplace spheres of their lives under the rule of a tyrannical empire. Several primary religious mindsets and prejudices that work against the effectiveness of the saints in their marketplace callings will be dismantled.

A fresh vision and hope for the church to advance the kingdom on the earth will be set out through present-day testimonies of marketplace champions operating in the supernatural power of God in their businesses and workplaces.

Some of the chapter titles in this book are:

• The Era of Outstanding Miracles
• The Blessing of Work
• The Atomic Power of the Saints

It’s time for the move of God in the marketplace to be released!

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