Raising Giants: Parenting strategies for unlocking your child’s fullest potential

Raising Giants: Parenting strategies for unlocking your child’s fullest potential

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Does this child come with an instruction manual?

This book is written for primarily two types of people, those about to embark on the great journey of parenting, and also for those who are currently parents. I am convinced that the principles that you find in the pages of this book will empower you no matter where you currently find yourself on the parenthood journey.

I can truthfully say that I have never been the same since the day that my first child came into the world. I have laughed, cried, been amazed, been disappointed and been inspired by the experiences and situations that I have had the privilege of entering into with my wife and children. This book will be about the things my wife and I did right and about the things that we got wrong.

I used to worry that my kids might be scarred by the things that I thought were right but in hindsight were probably not, yet here is the thing; When you start with unconditional love and allow that to be the platform for all your parenting decisions, then even your mistakes are okay because no matter what, your child will understand that they are loved irrespective of the outcome.

What qualifies me to write a book on raising kids? Besides the fact that I am a successful life coach and behavioural specialist who has worked with many parents throughout the years, I believe my main qualification for writing a book on parenting is the fact that I am a parent, I’ve lived in the parenting trenches like most of the people who will buy this book and survived to tell the story. Each of my four children are uniquely different, they each love life and have a keen sense of destiny and purpose about their future and love their parents.

Just as inside the smallest mustard seed lives the potential for a mighty tree, so inside the smallest child lives the capacity for a modern-day giant to be nurtured, encouraged, and released into the world. This is our privilege, and I believe our divine right as parents to fulfil. May you be empowered and encouraged as you read the following chapters of this book. May your vision and capacity to believe in great things for your kids be awakened or reignited.

You are a giant maker!

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